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Gov’t Moves to Validate Staff in Public Schools

UCE Students At Keyo SS In Amuru District

The Ministry of Education and Sports has started a nationwide validation exercise of staff in public schools.

Recently, the Uganda National Teacher’s Union-UNATU requested the government to make an update of its payroll to ascertain the teachers who will be available when the schools reopen.

Filbert Baguma, UNATU General Secretary argued that it was wrong for the government to work on assumptions that all teachers are still in the profession.

A report by the National Planning Authority-NPA warned that the return of teachers, even those on payroll, might not be automatic given the fact that many of them have been exposed to very many alternative options of making money while those who will return are likely to be more absent as they try to balance school and private business times.

Sam Kuloba, the Commissioner in Charge of Secondary Education, has sent out a circular to all headteachers across the country informing them about the staff validation exercises. 

According to the circular, headteachers have up to November 19, 2021, to conduct the validation exercise.

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