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Pader Man Kills Step Daughter By Hitting Her On Tree Trunk

Residents of Kwala village in Ajan Sub County, Pader district are still in shock after a 36-year-old man in the village on Monday night killed his 8 months old step daughter by hitting her on a tree trunk several times in what appeared to be an act of Domestic Violence.

Francis Ojok Kadogo allegedly first assaulted his wife Prosy Acayo, the deceased’s mother, and left her unconscious before grabbing the child and hit her on a tree trunk several times until she breathed her last and he fled into hiding.

Chris John Mugisha, the councilor 5 Ajan Sub County, says that after several hours in hiding, Ojok returned and torched his brother’s hut and went back into hiding.

Acayo have been rushed to St Mary’s hospital Lacor.

According to the 2020 police annual crime report, a total of 59 people were killed in Acholi sub region as a result of domestic violence.

According to section 189 of the Uganda penal code act, any person convicted of murder shall be sentenced to death.

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