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Gulu LC1 Chairman Abandons Two Wives Over Fights

Uganda Police

There was drama this morning in Pawel Angany Village, Patiko Sub County in Gulu District after the Area Local Council One Chairperson chased away his two wives for always fighting each other.

Charles Okot, the Local Council One Pawel Angany Village this morning ordered his two wives to park their things and go back to their parents after the pair fought the whole night leaving one of his older sons injured.

Okot- told Mega FM that he was left with no choice but to chase them away as they are embarrassing him with their constant fights.

Okot said his wives always fight each other whenever he goes out for an operation to implement COVID-19 directives, adding that they always drag children into their fights.

Okot said he has decided to be alone and raise his seven children in peace adding that both wives abandoned him last year when he had no money but returned during the lock-down.


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  • Gulu district
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