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Gulu Health Workers On Spot For Bribing To Get Covid-19 vaccination Card

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital treatment center

A section of health workers in Gulu are reportedly trying to bribe their way to acquire Covid-19 vaccination cards without getting vaccinated.

On Sunday, President Yoweri Museveni in his address to the nation urged the public to get vaccinated and went ahead to say employers have a right to turn away employees who fail to get vaccinated.

Dr Paska Apiyo, the in charge of the Covid-19 treatment center at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital told Mega Fm that a number of health workers have attempted to get the vaccination cards without getting vaccinated.

She said such conduct is unprofessional adding that such health workers will be dealt with accordingly.

Uganda Coronavirus cases currently stand at 54,669 with 388 deaths since March, 2020.

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