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Game Ranger Trampled To Death by Elephant in Nwoya

Uganda Wild Life Authority spokesperson Bashir Hangi

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) game ranger identified as Scot Guma, attached to Murchison Falls National Game Park in Nwoya District was on Sunday trampled to death by an elephant, according to local authorities.

The elephant charged at Guma around 2:30PM before killing him.

Guma and a group of rangers were attempting to drive the beasts back to their natural habitat at around 2:30PM from the areas of Cuk Anyeri in Gok village, Anaka Sub County in Nwoya District when the beast became irritated.

His body has been picked and taken to Anaka General Hospital, pending postmortem.

Geoffrey Opobo, the Anaka Sub County Local Council Three Chairperson confirmed the report to Mega FM saying a herd of elephants numbering about 25 invaded the area on Saturday night after escaping from Murchison Falls National Game Park.

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