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Dozens of Health Workers In Gulu And Nwoya Contract Covid-19

A sign post of Alero Sub county where the two girls were conned.

The new Covid-19 variant “Omicron” has crippled service delivery in a number of health units in Gulu and Nwoya districts.

A total of 30 health workers in Gulu and eight in Nwoya district have contracted the disease and have been put under Home Based Care treatment.

The health facilities badly hit by the pandemic in Gulu are Awach health Centre IV with 12 sick health workers, Unyama Sub County (9), Patiko (6) and Paicho (one).

Burlington Olweny Pa’Ongwech, the Secretary for Health told Mega Fm that the situation has created a huge man power gap.

This now brings to over 500 health workers to contract Covid-19 in Acholi sub region since March, 2020 out of which 55 have succumbed to the virus.

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