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Balaalo Intercepted With 42 heads Cattle In Palaro

Cattle-internet photo

Four Balaalo cattle herdsmen were on Tuesday intercepted with 42 heads of cattle in Oroko village, Palaro Sub County in Gulu district.

They reportedly arrived in a truck at night, offloaded their cattle in the area and were attempting to cross into Alali village in Lamwo district at around 12:00pm.

Odong Nelson Mandela, the local council 1 Chairperson Oroko village says the herdsmen who first pretended that they were grazing the cattle were attempting to beat security and cross into Lamwo district.

Odong says that the herdsmen failed to produce travel documents and later admitted that they were from Masindi district.

Odong says they have directed the owners of the cattle to take them back or risk losing them to community members.

By press time, the cattle owners who are still unknown had not yet picked up the cattle.

  • Balaalo cattle keepers
  • Gulu district
  • Palaro sub county

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