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Amuriat Arrested In Gulu For Defying Directives

Amuriat Being Arrested In Gulu

The Forum for Democratic Change – FDC party Presidential candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat was this evening arrested for defying directives of the Electoral Commission and the Ministry of Health in regards to meetings.

Amuriat was scheduled to hold a rally at Awere Playgrounds in Gulu City West Division this afternoon.

Police had planned to direct Amuriat’s entourage through a guided route in Gulu City to avoid causing chaos in the city central business area.

However, his entourage approached the town center from the direction of Gulu-Kampala highway and there was a wild chase around town.

Surprisingly, Amuriat was not in his car and he later surfaced at Awere Playgrounds on foot to the surprise of the police and addressed the journalists. He was later bundled into a waiting police car and driven to Gulu central police station.

Police Teargasing Amuriat Supporters In Gulu

The arrest sparked off a running battle with his supporters who started pelting police with stones who also reacted by firing teargas at them.

Today, the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola vowed to deal decisively with candidates and their supporters who continue to defy directives.

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