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15 Arrested in Nwoya, Amuru For Defying Presidential Directive

At least 15 people including a pastor were on Sunday arrested in Nwoya and Amuru districts respectively for congregating for prayers despite a ban by President Yoweri Museveni on public gatherings including churches following an outbreak of COVID-19.

Four attached to a Pentecostal church called Mamiyo were arrested from Kinene trading center in Bwobomanam B village, Alero Sub County in Nwoya district.

They are Okot Bosco in his late 30’s, Faida Stella, Ajok Jennifer and one only identified Agnes in their late 20’s.

Kenneth Agaba, the officer in charge of Nwoya central police station told Mega FM that the suspects had gathered with others at large in the church waiting for a pastor who was reportedly traveling from Gulu.

Agaba said the suspects will be charged with disobedience of a lawful order.

11 others including a pastor attached to Deliverance Church DC in Kal-pagimoro village, Atiak sub county, Amuru district are also in custody at Atiak police station.

Pastor James Amone and 10 of his followers were picked by police after they were found lock-up in the church and praying

President Museveni recently suspended religious gatherings for at least a month as part of the measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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