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Uganda Improves in Corruption Ranking

Uganda has moved at least 12 places in the corruption index, an indication that country is progressing in fighting the scourge.

The 2019 Transparency International corruption perception index ranks Uganda at 137th out of 180 countries.

This is down from the 149th position the country was ranked in 2018.

The country’s score moved at least two points from 26 per cent last year to 28 per cent this year.

In the region, Rwanda remains the least corrupt country in position 51 after scoring 53% followed by Tanzania in the 96th position with a score of 37 while Kenya and Uganda are tied together.

Burundi at 165 and South Sudan 179 remain the most corrupt countries in the region.

For Uganda, the improvement can be attributed to the aggressiveness that the president has taken against corruption.

Frustrated with how the Inspectorate of Government has been able to net thieves, President Museveni created a State House anti-corruption unit and appointed Lt Col Edith Nakalema to head.

Since the start of 2019, she has made on spot arrests of officials thought to be engaged in corruption.

Last year, also, the president led a walk against corruption in Kampala, although some Ugandans scoffed it off as a mockery.

President Yoweri Museveni leading a six day trek code-named Africa Kwetu It started on Saturday, January 4, 2020.

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