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Uganda Hands Over Suspected Cattle Thieves

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Authorities in Lamwo District have handed over to their South Sudan counterparts, two captives who were arrested last week on allegations of aiding inter-border livestock theft in Madi Opei Sub County, Lamwo district.

The two suspects Johnson Lapyem Lotiang and John Lokore, all residents of Tseretenya Bomah, Ikotos County of the Eastern Equatorial State were handed over to the South Sudan authorities at Apiriti border post in Madi Opei Sub County today (Monday).

They were arrested on suspicion that they could have been spying and coordinating livestock thefts after they were found close to a community cattle kraal at night in Gere village, Kal Parish in Madi Opei Town Council. 

The Lamwo Resident District Commissioner James Nabinson Kidega says that their release from detention was due to a decision reached by the government that withdrew the charges against the suspects in line with bilateral negotiations and a memorandum of understanding signed between authorities of the two countries.

The South Sudan Ikotos County Commissioner Joseph Lokolong commended the authorities for the unconditional release of the suspects.

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  • The Lamwo Resident District Commissioner James Nabinson Kidega

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