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Swift Bus Explosion Was a Suicide Mission- Security

The joint security agencies have described the Monday afternoon explosion inside Swift Bus as a suicide mission conducted by Isaac Matovu, the only person who died in the incident.

The explosive device went off from within the bus as it travelled through Lungala in Mpigi district.

But Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says that the exhibit and preliminary investigation show that the bomber was wearing a suicide jacket and had a detonator in his hands.

Enanga explains that the deceased, the only fatality on the bus that had 52 passengers on board, was on the wanted list of ADF terror suspects, and was being pursued as Mustafa, a resident of Kamuli zone, in Kira Municipality. 

Security has said the material used by Matovu is not different from those that were used to make an Improvised Explosive Device that went off at Digida pork joint in Komamboga on Saturday.

Enanga said all the incidents and linked to Allied Democratic Forces – ADF.

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