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Security Arrests 13 Suspected Terrorists, Rebels

Gen. Katumba Wamala survives assassination in Kampala

The joint security team has arrested 13 suspected members of the Allied Democratic Force-ADF terror cell and Mai-Mai rebel group.

Eight of the suspects have been arrested by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence in Buikwe district whereas others were picked by Crime Intelligence in the areas of Zombo and Kasese districts.

According to a joint statement issued by Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga, security alleged that the eight were arrested from Njeru Municipality and three from Zombo town council are part of the group that orchestrated an attack on Uganda People’s Defence Force –UPDF soldiers in July this year.

The July attack left a UPDF soldier killed but five suspected rebel members were also neutralized in a fire exchange that ensued.

Security said that the group was also planning a series of terror attacks.

Those arrested from Njeru have been identified as Openjuru Howard, Openjuru John, Jaker James Michael, Obratum Juventin, Olinga Simon Peter, Ngambi Jeraso Peter and Bob Patrick.

The three who were arrested from Zombo town include Warom Felix, Mutumba Muhamood and Bamusungire Robert.

Five days ago, the UK warned her citizens living in Uganda to be alert as they had received intelligence information about likely terror attacks on busy places in Uganda such as restaurants, shopping centres, recreational and sports centres.

  • 13 arrested
  • ADF
  • Mai Mai rebel group
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