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Protest At Gulu Main Market Over Rental Fee Increments

Gulu Main Market

Vendors at Gulu Main Market on Monday morning locked the Gulu Main Market in protest over rental fee increments for stalls and lock-up shops at the main market.

Rent for operating a stall at the market was increased from 10,000shillings to 40,000shllings a month, a lockup not at the busy parts of the market was increased from between 50,000-70,000shilllings to 150,000shillings and a lockup at strategic and busy locations was increased 150,000shillings to 300,000shillings.

Those operating on the ground floor of the market were each asked to pay 40,000shilllings a month from 6,000shillings a month.

Patrick Omaya, the GuluMain Market Vendors Association chairperson, says the market shall remain close until the city council authority addressed their concerns.

The Gulu City Authorities were yet to meet the vendors following series of close door meetings over the impasse.

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