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Business Resumes at Gulu Main Market

Closed Shops At Gulu Main Market

Business has resumed at Gulu Main Market two days after it was closed by aggrieved vendors.  

The market was on Monday and Tuesday placed under key and lock after Gulu City Council authorities announced the increase in rental fees for stalls and lock-up shops.

According to the new fees, rent for stalls had increased from 10,000 to 40,000 Shillings while rent fees for lock-up shops had increased from 40,000 to 150,000 and 250,000 Shillings respectively depending on the location.  

The vendors are also required to make the payments to the Gulu City Bank account or through mobile money, a system and decision they say were made without consulting them.  

Patrick Omaya, the Gulu Main Market Chairperson says that the vendors were angered by the decision and decided to keep their businesses shut and not to open the entries to the market until their concerns were addressed.

On Tuesday evening the vendors headed by their Chairperson Patrick Omaya and the Gulu City Council leadership headed by the City Mayor Alfred Okwonga met the vendors and agreed to halt the proposed increment in the rent and as well call off the strike.  

Okwonga said that the matter would be discussed during the Gulu City`s full council meeting which is scheduled for late this week.   

Gulu Main Market is the biggest in Gulu City with over 4,000 vendors.

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