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Police Puts Cost of Damages Caused by Fire on Atiak Sugarcane Plantation at UGX 3BN

The 2020 Police Annual Crime puts the cost of damages caused by fired on Atiak Sugarcane Plantation owned by Horyal Investment Holdings Company Limited at 3 Billion Shillings.

According to police crime report, 600 acres of sugar cane plantations were destroyed by fire in 2020. No suspect was arrested in connection to the arson attack. The incident happened on December 14.

Police fire and rescue department was called to the scene but it could not put out the raging fire.

Since 2016, the sugar plantation suffered successive fire attacks. The loss is estimated to be around 60 billion Shillings.

The sugar factory, which sits on 15,000 acres of land started production in 2019 but it is embroiled in bitter land wrangle with local farmers in the nearby Bibia village who are opposed to the development.

By the end of 2020, according to the last police crime report, a total of 1,614 cases of arson were reported to Police compared to 1,614 cases reported in 2019.

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