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Police officer faces dismissal over shooting

Michael Otim, a police constable attached to Gulu Field Force Unit who caused panic in the town when he shot several bullets in the air last month faces dismissal from the police force.
Otim who was drunk at the time shot seven bullets in the air at the Gulu police barracks on 23rd of August 2016 sending residents into fear of fresh rebel attacks.
The incident came a few months after a criminal gang attacked Gulu central police station killing two security personnel.
Jimmy Patrick Okema, the Aswa region police spokesperson said the court on August 30th found that Otim acted unprofessionally and accordingly recommended severe reprimand and discharge from the Police Force.
Otim was charged with neglect of duty and discreditable conduct according to section 44 of the police Act.
Otim has since appealed the verdict.
The police spokesman Okema said Otim was given 14days to appeal the rulling.
Sources within police say Otim has already appealed.

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