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Gulu Health Center Sealed After Woman Test Positive For COVID-19

Angaya Health Center III in Unyama Sub County, Gulu district is under lockdown for the next 14 days after a 72-year old woman who recently visited the facility tested positive for COVID-19.

The health facility was closed on Monday and its health workers and support staff put under self-isolation at the quarters located at the health center for the next 14 days as a measure to prevent further spread in case any of them has contracted the virus.

William Nyeko, the In charge Angaya health center III says their samples were waiting to be taken to Kampala for testing.

The Gulu Acting District Health Officer, Yoweri Idiba says the health center will remain closed for 14 days even if the workers there test negative.

Idiba says locals there are now advised to seek health care at nearest health centers and accordingly urged that they not be discriminated.

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