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NRM Wins Big In SIG Elections In Acholi

President Yoweri Museveni-Chairman of NRM party

The National Resistance Movement-NRM dominated the District Special Interest Group positions in most of the districts in Acholi sub region during the Elections held yesterday.

In Gulu City, Gulu district and Amuru district, the ruling party won in all the positions which include youth, persons with disabilities, workers and elderly persons.

Four of the NRM candidates including Santa Oketa and Oduny Samuel for female and male representatives for older persons and Adong Caroline and Okello Stephen both representing persons with disabilities, went unopposed.

Meanwhile, Akena Lamex Lambert and Angeyo Christine Olok were elected male and female workers representatives.

Rubangakene Daniel and Ayee Cindy were also elected male and female youth councilors respectively.

In Gulu district where the NRM party took up seven positions, Lakwor Nyero Denis Ocen and Aciro Teddy Luwar were elected unopposed as representatives for Persons with disabilities while Oywea Mary was also elected unopposed to represent older persons in the Gulu district council.

Torach Joel and Alarokoma Caroline for youth councilors, Atube Remy and Pamala Laker for workers.

Similarly in Omoro district, the ruling party took up all the eight special interest group positions.

Denis Obong, the Omoro District Registrar told Mega Fm that the workers and older persons representatives were elected unopposed.

Alobo Martin and Margret Langol were elected to represent older persons while Paul Acaye and NRM leaning but independent Stella Nambooze were elected to represent workers.

Odong Peter and Ayot Pollin Ocen were also elected as PWDs representatives while Okot Gravin and Scovia Apila were elected to represent the youth in the Omoro district council.

In Amuru district, the incumbent male workers representative-Arop Simon Kelemente- beat three other opponents while Naku Jane took the female workers representatives after beating two other candidates.

The Male Youth Council five representative is Kilama Denis who also defeated two other candidates while his female counterpart is Adong Concy who defeated Lakaraber Prisca- an independent candidate.

The female representative for persons with disability is Aparo Nighty and the male councilor is Nyeko Francis.

For older persons, Okech Iyacio Lunyola took the seat while the female representative is Lajara Margret who went unopposed.

In Nwoya district, NRM took four of the positions which include female youth councilor, which was taken by Ojok Prosy Pamela who got 147 votes.

Others are female workers representative taken by Anena Tracy, Rose Nyeko for female older persons and Apiyo Lagweno Jennifer for persons with disability female.

Isaiah Mawa won the male youth seat with 250 votes on independent ticket.

Onyuti David, an independent candidate won the male workers category with 33 votes while Otto Walter Kidega, also an independent candidate is the male representative for persons with disability.

In Agago district, the elections went on until 7 pm past the stipulated time. 

This came as elections exercise especially for the Youth Councilors to the District Local government councils kicked off late by 1 pm.

It followed early morning confusion in which youth delegates protested and blocked voting accusing the Electoral Commission of using an old voters’ register for the election process.

It took more than five hours for a new voter register to be brought before the elections could kick start.

The Agago District Deputy Returning officer Julius Arinaitwe says the elections kicked off late and had to be completed.

However, elections for councillors for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Workers Representatives to District Local Government Councils, and older persons went on uninterrupted.

Results indicate that Charles Oyoo Oyaro an independent candidate won the seat with 19 votes.

For the Older persons, NRM’s Timothy Oyugi won the race defeating his challenger Samson Oboke who garnered only nine votes on an independent ticket.

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