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Magistrate Stands Surety For Man Accused Of Stealing Four Tomatoes

Gulu Court premises.

A tomato thief who lacked surety on Wednesday got lucky after the presiding Gulu Grade one Magistrate, Christine Turibamwe stood surety and released him on bail.

Richard Ojok aged 46 and a resident of Pabaya ward in Laroo-Pece Division is accused of stealing 4 tomatoes.

Turibamwe who was hearing the case stood surety for Ojok after he pleaded not guilty to the offense contrary to section 254 and 261 of the Penal Code Act.

Prosecution alleged that on the 31st of October, 2021, from Pabaya ward, Laroo Pece Division, Ojok stole four tomatoes, the property of WeKomba Francisco.

According to the prosecution, Ojok who was passing by Wekomba’s garden picked one Tomatoe and started eating it before picking three others and put in his bag.

Prosecution noted that Wekomba who had laid ambush near his garden to trap people who were always stealing his tomatoes, immediately arrested Ojok and handed him to Gulu University Police Station.

Turibamwe released Ojok after he told court that he did not have any surety and warned him against not returning to court before adjourning the case to December 16, 2021 for hearing.

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