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NDA Closes 20 Illegal Drug Shops In Amuru, Nwoya

NDA Officials Impounding Government Drugs in One of the Drug Shops In Amuru

The National Drugs Authority (NDA) on Monday impounded over 20 cartoons of drugs worth millions of shillings and also closed 20 illegal drug shops in Amuru and Nwoya districts in its ongoing efforts to crack down on illegal drug shops.

The drugs shops were found without operational license, had employed unqualified staff, selling government drugs and unauthorized drugs.

14 of the drug shops were closed in Nwoya district while six were closed from Amuru district.

The drug shops closed include Rwot Twero drug shop, Pawiro Mede drug shop, Alpha Medical care drug shop, Abalokodi drug shop, Rwot-Omire drug shop and Adek- Mone drug shop among others.

David Eseru, a doctor with the NDA said close to 60% of the drugs shops in Acholi sub region are being operated by unqualified personnel.

  • 20 illegal drug shops
  • Amuru and Nwoya districts
  • National Drugs Authority

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