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Kitgum OC Operations Arrested Over Illegal Timber Dealing

The O.C Operations of Kitgum Central Police Station has been arrested over allegations of illegal logging and charcoal trade.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Julius Mpande was arrested along with seven other local community members in Aweno-Olwiyo village in Lokung Sub county, Lamwo district by local leaders who handed him to police.

Mpande was arrested with a truck registration number UAV 253V loaded with charcoal, a power saw and timber that were allegedly being transported for sale.

Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa River Region Spokesperson told Mega Fm that the officer was arrested following an intelligence report about his routine involvement in the trade.

He said Mpande along with the other suspects is being held at Lamwo Central Police Station.

Okema condemned the officer’s actions saying he will face the law as an individual.

  • Jimmy Patrick Okema the Aswa River Region police spokesperson
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