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Gulu University Says its Medicine Cures Covid-19 within 72 Hours

Covilyce 1

Dr. Alice Lamwaka, a senior lecturer at Gulu University’s faculty of Bio-technology and Pharmaceutical Studies (PharmBiotec), claims the herbs developed by the University can cure a user with signs and symptoms of covid-19 between 12-72 hours of getting treatment.

Three weeks ago, a group of more than ten scientists at the University started packing four different concoctions which they said they have been administering to covid-19 patients in the community since January 2021.

The herbs named Covilyce 1, which come in form of Powder, Nasal drops, (anal) suppositories and (syrup) Linctus were formulated from eight different herbs.

Dr. Alice Lamwaka claimed that the herbs can cure a user with signs and symptoms of covid-19 between 12-72 hours of getting treatment.

Dr. Alice Lamwaka

Those with mild symptoms of covid-19, she said, are given the nasal drops in their mouth, ears, and nose and get well between 12-72 hours.

Patients whose infections have gone to their chest use the linctus which goes down through the systemic circulation.

Those with co-morbidities; covid-19, hypertension, asthma, ulcers, and diabetes, use the powder in combination with the Linctus and nasal drops and cut off viral infection within 12 hours.

Then patients who are unconscious, can’t swallow, on oxygen, or have difficulty breathing, used the suppository, which is administered via the rectum.

However, Michael Mutyaba, who heads the traditional medicines division at National Drugs Authority, NDA, said, said he was not aware of the production of any Covid-19 herbs by the University.

Recently, NDA approved the use of Covidex, another herbal concoction as part of the Covid-19 cure. Since that time, the price has continued to soar.

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