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Gulu Town Residents Hit Hard By Power Outages

Several households in and around Gulu Town are enduring a hard time following power shutdown that has lasted for more than 72 hours.

On Saturday morning, UMEME send text messages to some of its customers informing them that there will be power shutdown between 7AM-6PM.

After that, power was to be restored at 6PM, according to UMEME.

However, since Saturday, October 26, residents had to rely on either generator or solar while others had no option but to stay in total darkness.

Operators of small businesses such as saloon, grinding mills, juice, bakery and welding plants are being forced out of business because of power outages.

Gulu has for the past three months been experiencing power blackouts that sometimes lasts for more than 72 hours.

In December 2018, residents took to the streets to demonstrate against erratic power outages.

When contacted by Mega FM Wilson Egesa, the UMEME commercial officer for Gulu Area apologized for the power outages and said all is being down to restore power.

Egesa explains that they are yet to detect the fault that has resulted into power outages.

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