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Gulu Leaders Concerned Over Improper Condom Use Among Teenagers

Courtesy photo (Pregnant Teenager)

The Gulu District Health Department is concerned that youths could be improperly using condoms following high cases of pregnancies and HIV infections among teenagers in the district.

Balington Pa’Ongwech, the Gulu District Secretary Health and Community Services said the district normally receives 40,000 condoms every three months but don’t last a week at health facilities.

Over 4,000 cases of teenage pregnancies have been registered in Gulu in the last 10 months and an HIV/Aids prevalence of 7.3% among teenagers.

He said that the high cases of pregnancies among teenagers are a clear indication that youths are not using condoms.

William Onyai, the Gulu District health Educator is equally puzzled on why pregnancies and HIV/Aid among teenagers are on the rise yet they pick condoms.

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