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Gulu Archdiocese, Bukona Factory Team Up to Industrialize Cassava Growing in Northern Uganda

Archbishop Dr John Baptist Odama

Gulu Archdiocese has entered a partnership with Bukona Processors Limited to industrialize the growth and production of cassava in Northern Uganda. 

The Archbishop, John Baptist Odama signed the deal on behalf of the Gulu Archdiocese while Pravin Kekhal, represented the Nwoya based Bukona factory at St Joseph Cathedral in Bardege-Layibi division in Gulu City.

According to the deal, Gulu Archdiocese will grow and supply cassava to Bukona factory for the production of green fuel and ethanol.

His Grace John Baptist Odama, the Archbishop of Gulu, says that the partnership is a joint venture between the church, state and private partners to facilitate economic transformation and economic stability among farmers in war-torn Northern Uganda.

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