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Gov’t Delivers 17 Tonnes of Food Aid to Flood Victims in Elegu

Elegu Floods

The Government has delivered 17.5 tonnes of food to families affected by floods in Elegu Town Council, in Amuru District.

The food items include 100 bags maize flour that contain 100 kilogrammes of each and 75 bags of beans 100 kilogrammes each.

They are to be distributed to 620 households pending floods slump.

Anne Zain Mutunyi, the Vice-Chairperson LCI Lorikwor confirmed being called to receive the food consignment but expressed fear that the ratio may not be enough to serve the 10,662 people.

The Resident District Commissioner Geoffrey Oceng Osborn explains that the government is overwhelmed and may not provide enough relief support given the numerous incidences of natural calamities that have affected different parts of the country.

The low lying Elegu land has been prone to severe annual floods caused by lashing rains that force River Unyama, a tributary of River Aswa to burst its banks forcing water flow to human settlement.

Since June, 13 consecutive devastating flash floods have swept across Elegu Town Council displacing up to 4,000 of the 1,7000 population.

The floods contaminated water sources and submerged pit latrines worsening health and hygiene.

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