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Government Plans New Digital Tracker, to Quarantine Drivers

Cargo Trucks at ELegu Township

The Ministry of Health has said that truck drivers might soon start being quarantined in designated places and be followed up using a new tracking system.

Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng said they have come up with a number of options other than blocking the drivers from accessing the country.

The new measures will come into force as soon as leaders in the East Africa Community agree on the procedures.

This comes amidst concerns about why truck drivers from the neighbouring countries continue entering Uganda with the rise of COVID-19 cases.

More than 70 truck drivers have so far tested positive driving Uganda’s COVID-19 caseload to 139 cases.

At least 35 if the drivers tested in Uganda are Kenyans who were tested at the Uganda –Kenya border of Malaba whereas 19 were tested from Mutukula-the Tanzanian border while three are Eritreans.

However, of the foreign positive truckers, 35 have returned to their respective countries.

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