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Experts Attribute Increasing Malnutrition To Teenager Pregnancy

Courtesy photo (Pregnant Teenager)

A medical expert has noted that malnutrition is becoming rampant among babies born to teenage mothers.

Statistics indicate that over 18,000 teenage girls were impregnated in the last 18 months in the region.

Dr. Franca Akello, a pediatrician working with Love One International, a Faith based Organization in Gulu City said that most teenage mothers are abandoned by the fathers of the babies who are also young.

Akello said the new malnutrition cases registered during the lockdown are majorly babies and children under the care of grand mothers who are unable to feed the children well.

She said that teenage pregnancies should be prevented in a bid to reduce such malnutrition

Akello also called for support to teenage mothers especially with feeding to ensure they give birth to healthy babies.

Sound bite [Akello on pregnancy]-Luo/Eng

1,500 of cases of malnutrition have been registered in Acholi Sub Region since the first lockdown.

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