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EC Staff To Be Buried On January, 23

Tabu Richardson

The former staff of the Electoral Commission (EC) Gulu offices who died under unclear circumstances will laid to rest on January 23, 2021.

Richardson Tabu went missing on January 8, 2021, shortly after he left office, only to be found dead in Forest ward, Laroo-Pece Division in Gulu City, close to two weeks after he went missing.

According to Benson Obete, the Gulu District Registrar Electoral Commission (EC), Tabu will be laid to rest at their ancestral home in Lakwele-Okato village, Mucwini Sub County in Kitgum District. Police has since launched investigations into his death. A postmortem conducted by police surgeon indicates that toxic substances destroyed his vital organs.

However, it is not clear if he ingested the chemical. Grace Davis Pande, the Officer-In-Charge of Criminal Investigations Department at Gulu Central Police Station said there were no external injuries found on the body of the victim.

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