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Church Leaders In Gulu Stop Christians From Carrying Bags To Church Premises

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

The leadership of Holy Rosary Parish in Gulu City has banned Christians from carrying bags within the premises of its different churches over terror attacks in the country.

The church leaders made the directives on Sunday weekly Sunday masses.

The development comes after the recent twin explosions in Kampala City by suspected terrorists last Tuesday. 

Holy Rosary Parish has more than five churches including Holy Family, Holy Cross, St. Mauritz among other chapels. 

Rev. Father David Okello Opiro, the Curate of Holy Rosary Parish noted that the decision was reached by the church`s leadership adding that no bag and suspicious material regardless of their sizes or type will be allowed inside premises of the churches, a decision he says aims at protecting the lives of the people.

Erick Uma, the Parish Priest for Holy Rosary noted that Christians should take maximum precautions and be vigilant by reporting to authorities and securities all people with strange characters and behaviors within their vicinities.  

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