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Amuru Gets First Ever Ambulance

Michael Lakony-Amuru L.C V Chairperson

Amuru district has received its first ever ambulance from the Ministry of health.

Locals have been depending on ambulances donated by their area members of Parliament, Gilbert Olanya for Kilak South and Anthony Akol of Kilak South to respond to emergency cases.

They have also been relying on private vehicles and the district local government vehicles in cases of emergencies.

Michael Lakony, the Amuru District Chairperson says the ambulance which will be based at Atiak Health center 1V was today handed over to the Chief Administrative Officer and District Health Officer from the Ministry of Health.

It costs between 200,000-500,000shillings to hire an ambulance from a private health facility for refer a patient to health facilities within Acholi Sub region.

The costs go up to between 700,000-1.5million shillings to refer a patient from the region to Kampala.

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