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American Music Star Akon Plans to Build a City in Uganda

Akon ( NilePost Picture)

Senegalese- American musician Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam commonly known as Akon is planning to build a City in Uganda.

The internationally recognised RnB singer says Uganda’s tourism potential attracted them to consider it among one of the ten countries in Africa where they will build an Akon City.

Akon, one of the black Americans moving to harness the potential in Africa wants to build a city that he says will attract more business in Uganda and promote the country’s tourism potential.

He says together with his team, they shall conduct all the necessary studies before they start building a city that will take close to 15years to be complete.

Akon says the City shall have what he calls a health District where a 10,000 bed capacity hospital shall be constructed, an entertainment district with audio recording and video studio and an educational district with schools among other facilities.

The Minister of State for Urban Development, Isaac Musumba says Government shall work with Akon’s team to identify a place to build the City.

Uganda is not the first place Akon has chosen to establish a city.

Last year, Akon announced a 6 billion dollars project to build a City on 2000 hectares of land in Mbodième, a small coastal village in western Senegal.

Akon plans to have similar cities in Ghana and Ethiopia.

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