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Advance Africa Introduces Free Legal Services For Vulnerable Inmates

Staff of Advance Africa and Uganda Prisons pose for a photo after launching the Pro bono services for poor inmates.

Advance Africa- a non-governmental organization that rehabilitates ex-inmates has started offering free legal services to poor inmates in Gulu, Amuru, Kitgum and Arua districts.

The pro bono services are aimed at helping the poor inmates get a fair hearing and equal representation like other inmates.

Sharon Atukunda, the Chief Executive Officer at Advanced Africa told Mega FM that they are working in partnership with Uganda prisons, the European Union, Uganda law society and educkans.

Asio Adams, the principal welfare and rehabilitation officer at Uganda Prison says the support will help poor inmates get a second chance in life when they get released.

Uganda prison currently has 62,000 inmates-75% of them are youths.

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