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Acholi MPs Disagree Over Proposal for Nude Protests in Apaa

Several Of Such Meetings Took Place in Apaa

Members of Parliament from the Acholi Sub Region have disagreed over a proposal for Apaa Township residents to undress in protest of the conflict in Apaa.

Gilbert Olanya, the Kilak South Member of Parliament proposed that the solution to the armed conflicts and violence being meted on the Acholi community in Apaa can best be solved through violence and another nude protest. 

Olanya explained that the 2015 nude protest staged by the women of Apaa before Ugandan Ministers had greatly impacted by bringing to the attention of the world the plight of the people in the contested Apaa Township. 

He added that the dehumanization, human rights abuses, violence, killings, destruction of property, and armed conflicts had been unattended since 2012 until 2015 when the women staged a nude protest prompting both the government and international bodies to intervene.

Olanya was on Sunday speaking during a meeting of all Members of Parliament, district chairpersons, religious leaders, Ker Kwaro Acholi, and Chief Justice Owiny Dollo among other Acholi elites held at the Ker Kwaro Acholi in Gulu City.

He accused the government of playing double standards and keeping quiet on the Apaa conflict.

However, the proposal was received with condemnation from a section of the Members of Parliament including Martin Ojara Mapenduzi of Bardege-Layibi division and his counterpart Charles Onen of Pece-Laroo.

Onen rubbished Olanya`s submission saying that it is uncalled for and instead dehumanizing and the worst thing that someone should ever think of a solution to the problems in Apaa Township.

Onen further criticized that none of Olanya`s relatives like his sisters nor mother participated in the nude protest making it unnecessary.

Mapenduzi, on the other hand, accused Olanya of acting on lies and being none solution-oriented.  He explained that it is incumbent upon all the MPs to ensure safety, security, truth, and collective responsibilities to solve the problems in Apaa Township.  

But, Amos Okot the Agago North County Member of Parliament advised that Olanya`s proposal should not be treated as incitement of violence but rather part of lamentations among Acholi leaders over unresolved problems among the community of Apaa Township.

In July 2015, six elderly staged a nude protest in front of senior government ministers to foil a border demarcation exercise between Amuru and Adjumani districts.

Apaa has been at the epicentre of armed conflicts between the Madi of Adjumani and Acholi of Amuru districts respectively over the ancestral owners of the area measuring approximately 24 square kilometres.

The same area is also claimed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority who says that it is located in the East Madi wildlife reserve and often threatened its inhabitants with eviction.

Wilson Acuma, the Chairperson of Apaa Peace Committee says that 20 people have since died, several injured, and several properties destroyed in the armed conflicts. 

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