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33 Year Old Man Commits Suicide In Agago

After failing to seek for psychosocial support from police or from experts, a man in Agago district has decided to end his life by committing suicide.

Okot Bosco, aged 33, and a resident of Ladigo central Parabongo sub county committed suicide on Monday over unknown reasons. The officer in charge of Kalongo Police station Richard Omona confirmed the incident.

Recently, Police in Aswa River region says they have started offering psychosocial support to persons having suicidal thoughts. This comes at a time when the region is registering high number of people taking their lives.

Police in Acholi sub region have so far registered over 100 cases of suicide in the sub region in the last one and half years. Many people experience suicidal thoughts, especially during times of stress or when they are facing mental or physical health challenges.

Last year, Stella Kijange, a woman rights activist, said the rising cases of suicide is due to lack of adequate psychosocial support for the vulnerable residents.

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