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Traders Stranded As Presidential Directives Takes Effect

Kitgum Owino Traders were on Thursday left stranded after police blocked them from leaving for market day as presidential directive on coronavirus takes effect.

The traders who mostly deal in second hand and ready-made clothes among others were destined for various markets in the districts of Kitgum, Lamwo and Pader.

To their dismay, police blocked them from leaving when they had already loaded their merchandises in trucks and about to leave for the market day.

The markets include Akweng in Labongo Akwang sub county and Apoto olur in Omiya anyima sub county in Kitgum district, Lela pwot Lokung sub county Lamwo district and Wangduka in Pajule sub county in Pader district.

A number of traders who talked to Mega fm say they thought the directive will take effect on Friday while others say they were not aware of the directive.

The presidential directives include temporary closure of education institutions, suspension of all religious, political, wedding and cultural gatherings.

Other restrictions include’ banning discos, bars, music shows and concerts.

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