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Public Urged to Eat Vegetables, Drink 3 Litres of Water

The Ministry of Health has asked the public to drink plenty of water as the country prepares itself to fight the coronavirus.

The minister of health, Dr Jane Aceng said that drinking water is very important for all Ugandans.

According to Dr Aceng, people who drink water even before Uganda registers a case of COVID 19, will help them remain healthy.

Researchers in China also recommend the drinking of water and other fluids for people with mild symptoms of the disease.

The minister also encouraged people to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to remain healthy.

Dr Aceng also urged people to eat five meals a day. She says that the meals will build the body and make it more resistant to disease.

The minister’s call comes as Uganda bans travel, closes schools and places of worship to try and stop the future spread of COVID 19.

The country has also banned weddings and community markets.

Globally, over 180,000 people are infected with the disease. In Africa, the number stands at over 300 in over 25 countries.

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