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Nwoya Women Nearly Undress Before Tourism State Minister

Nwoya Women undress in front of State Tourism Minister in protest over persistent invasion of elephants into their area.

A group of women of Gony-Cogo village in Lii Sub County, Nwoya district on Wednesday undressed before the State Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Mugarra Martin Bahenduka in protest over persistent invasion of wild animals into their area.

The minister was visiting the area to see the destruction left behind by the stray elephants from Murchison Falls National Game Park despite a trench being in place when a group of women naked from waist up stormed the area.

The situation was saved by the Nwoya woman member of Parliament, Judith Peace Achan who swiftly intervened by convincing the women not to undress and later drove them away.

The Minister Bahenduka later admitted that the trenches are not helpful in keeping away the elephants adding that they an electric fencing around the game Park is the only effective solution to the problem animals.

On April 14th 2015, a group of elderly women stripped naked before a huge gathering called over a government plan to re-demarcate land for a national game park in Apaa village, Labala parish, in Pabbo Sub-county, Amuru District.

Government officials who had travelled there to explain that the government did not plan to take land away from the poor people included the then Lands Minister, Daudi Migereko, and former Internal Affairs Minister, the late Gen. Aronda Nyakairima.

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