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Floods Destroy Three Bridges In Omoro

Elegu Town Council in Amuru district is one of the places in Acholi Sub region that has persistently suffered from floods..

Three bridges were on Wednesday destroyed by heavy rains in Odek Sub County, Omoro District cutting off over 3,000 residents from social services.

The bridges along Labara-Odek Road worth over 200 million shillings include Dawa Bridge, Lamin-omuny Bridge and Como Bridge have cut off three villages of Barolam, Acet and Orapwoyo.

Joseph Obwona, the Local Council One Chairperson Orapwoyo village said the sick have for the last two days been unable to seek treatment or go to the market because they fear to swim through the flooded streams.

Obwona has now asked the district to find temporary solutions of fix the broken bridges.

Nicholas Ogwang, the Acting chief Administrative Officer Omoro district however said that repair works on roads destroyed by heavy rains has already began but that rehabilitation of the bridges is the responsibility of UNRA.

But Robert Okee, the road Maintenance Engineer UNRA Gulu station said the three bridges are under the district.

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