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Brick Makers in Acholi Sub Region Counting Loses

woman laying bricks-Courtesy Photo.

A number of brick makers in West Acholi districts are counting losses after unexpected heavy rainfalls were experienced in the region in the past two days. The worst rain was experienced last night which started at around 9:00pm and lasted until day break today.

Francis Okello Katanga, the Local Council One Chairperson Barolam Village in Odek Sub County, Omoro district, said several youths who ventured into brickmaking business were this morning left in tears after the rain destroyed the already molded and stacked bricks.

Denis Komakech, a brick layer and a student of Kitgum high school, said the rains destroyed his 6,000 bricks which he had planned to sell and pay his school fee.

Brick-making is a lucrative business and source of income among the youths and a section of women, it starts majorly at the onset of the dry season in the month of October until in late March when the area starts receiving rainfall. 

This year, many people ventured into the business by digging up the ground for making bricks while others had gone ahead to laying thousands of bricks at the beginning of December when the areas started experiencing sunshine. 

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