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Centenary Bank Rewards Customers With UGX 100 Million In Digital Campaign

Ogenrwot, a winner of 100,000 shillings in a digital campaign by Centenary Bank.

Christmas has come early for Centenary Bank customers as the financial institution has started rewarding its customers every week for using digital channels.

Beatrice Lugalambi, the manager corporate communications and marketing at Centenary Bank told Mega Fm that customers stand a chance of winning 100,000 shillings every week during the campaign called five for five.

She said the bank has set aside 100 million shillings to reward its customers during this campaign that started in September and ends in December.

Ogenrwot Christopher, a business man from Pabbo in Amuru district, one of the lucky winners who was rewarded yesterday with 100,000 shillings after using the Cente mobile app five times.

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