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Youths Camp At RDC’s Office After Missing LDU Recruitment

Some of the youths waiting to be interviewed to join Local Defense Unit in Gulu

Dozens of youths who failed to get recruited into the Local Defense Unit-LDU today pitched camp in front of Gulu Resident District Commissioner’s office demanding for explanations on why they missed out.

107 youth from Gulu City and Gulu district passed the late August interviews that attracted 656 applicants.

However, youth who missed out have now accused the office of the RDC and the Uganda People’s Defense Forces-UPDF of selecting their friends and relatives.

Denis Okello from Bar-dege Cell said that those selected are from areas near the army Barracks like Kasubi and Kanyagoga.

Sarah Acayo, another youth who missed out was unhappy that there was no one at the two offices to provide answer.

Odong Stephen Latek, the Gulu Resident District Commissioner and Lt. Hassan Kato, the Fourth Division army Spokesperson however said the 107 selected out of 656 people who were interviewed were chosen based on performance and age.

Odong consoled those who missed out saying more recruitments will come in the future.

The UPDF is targeting to recruit at least 10000 LDU’s nationwide.

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