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West Nile Beat Acholi In FUFA Drum Game

West Nile Players Celebrate Win Against Acholi Province

West Nile have an upper hand in the semi-final contest against Acholi after the former secured a 1-0 win at home on Sunday.

In the game played at Greenlight Stadium, Arua City, West Nile took advantage thanks to Ezra Bida’s second half strike.

Prior to the start to the game, the buzz around Arua City was in full gear with fans from either side showing support to their respective Provinces.

As early as 10am, Acholi fans had flocked the streets singing praise of their players and celebrating their ancestry which is the theme of the FUFA Drum tournament.

The game itself was closely contested and it took substitute Bida’s magic in the 52nd minute to guide the White Rhinos to victory.

The two teams will face in the return leg on 10th December at Pece War Memorial Stadium in Gulu City.

The winner on aggregate between West Nile and Acholi will face either Lango or Tooro who face off in the other semifinal.

The two face off in the first leg this weekend in the first leg.

However, Acholi Province are still optimistic of making a rebound and defeat West Nile Province in the return leg.

Simon Kakaum, the Acholi Province Media Officer, said the boys played well and created a number of chances but failed to convert it into goals.

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