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Stakeholders Propose Tougher Restrictions in Alcohol Bill

Stakeholders have proposed tougher restrictions to regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol, the Independent News Agency reported.

This was during the stakeholders meeting organised by the Parliamentary Department of Legislative and Procedural Services regarding the proposed Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill on Tuesday, 31 January 2023.

The bill seeks to regulate the manufacture, importation, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks and also provide for the licensing of persons trading in alcoholic drinks and premises.

The bill also seeks to prohibit the sale of alcohol to specified persons and regulate the promotion and advertisement of alcoholic drinks.

Pastor Joseph Sserwadda of Victory Christian Church Ministries thinks alcohol should not be sold or consumed beyond midnight.

Isharaza Mwebaze, the Chairperson of Addiction, Prevention and Rehabilitation Association of Uganda suggested that the time of sale of alcohol should be restricted to 4.00 pm onwards to restrict underage drinkers.

Dr Hafisa Kasule from World Health Organisation advised Parliament to consider benchmarking in Kenya which recently passed the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act that prohibits the sale of alcohol in bars before 2.00 pm on weekends and 5.00 pm on weekdays.

On 08 November 2022, Tororo District Woman Representative, Sarah Opendi, was granted leave to introduce a private member’s bill.

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