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President Museveni Roots For Rules of Origin In EA

East African Community Secretary General, Peter Mathuki

President Yoweri Museveni has said that whatever commodity that meets the rules of origin should be sold freely in East Africa.
He made the comments on Monday at State House Entebbe during a meeting with the East African Community Secretary General, Peter Mathuki.

According to Mr. Musevnei, as long as the commodity is made in East Africa, it should be allowed to access the market freely
President Museveni was optimistic that in future East Africa will have a very strong economy which imports less from outside the region. He observed that once the economies are healthy there will be no need to import.

In his speech, Mr. Mathuki saluted the President for the continued energy he has invested in the community.

He said the East African Community Secretariat wants to remove all the trade barriers in the region.

Mr. Mathuki proposed that the Community establishes a committee that will resolve all the trade disputes among the member countries.

He also explained to President Museveni on the way forward in the East African monetary Union and the progress attained so far.

The Secretary General further briefed the President on the peace process in the Democratic Republic of Congo, saying, there was a need to establish a fund to facilitate the peace process in the East African nation.

On the other hand, Gen. Museveni made Uganda’s pledge to contribute towards the fund.

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