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Prayers are the ways of talking to our Lord God

Rev. Fr, David Okello Opiro of Holy Rosary church in Gulu has encouraged Christians to pray saying it is one way of talking to God.
Opiro discouraged Christians from talking to witches saying they can only get answers by talking to God.
The Parish Priest of St Joseph’s cathedral in Gulu, Fr Dr. Lawrence Komakech also stressed the need to constantly pray if God is to listen.
Quoting from the Gospel of St Luke Chapter 11, verse 1 where Jesus said that he who asks will be given, knock the door will be opened and those who seek will find, Fr Dr. Lawrence asked parents to continue to pray for their children.
He also said that it is the same way Abraham prayed to God to spare his people before the town of Gomorrah and Sodom was destroyed.

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