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Nearly 50 Percent of Road Crashes Occur at 7PM

The Wreckage of Roblyn Bus that Killed 16 Passengers In Jan, 2023

By James Owic

Nearly 50 percent of road crashes recorded across the country in 2022 occurred at 7pm, according to police.

Police say the road crashes happened majorly between 7pm-7:59pm.
According to the 2022 police annual crime report, the crashes could have resulted from inconsiderate use of road as road users rush home after a long day.

The second worse hour for road user was 4pm.

At least 20,394 cases of road crashes were registered in 2022 across Uganda.

4,534 were killed in the road crashes including 552 motorcyclists, 200 drivers and 552 passengers during the same period.

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