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Minister Nadulli tasks Amuru residents to compensate charcoal dealers

Hajj Abdu Nadduli, the Minister without Portfolio in-Charge of Political Mobilization has tasked families in Amuru who have sold part of their forested land to commercial charcoal dealers to refund the cash following a ban on indiscriminate cutting of trees for commercial charcoal burning in the district.
The Minister while addressing residents at Pabbo Sub County headquarters on Wednesday noted that it will be unfair for those who have invested large sums of money in charcoal business not to recover their cash they have already invested with hope to earn more.
Minister Nadduli’s directive follows a new resolution passed by Amuru District Council on August 2, this year during a full council meeting suspending commercial charcoal business in the district.
The Amuru District LCV Vice Chairman, John Bosco Ocan, assured the Minister Nadduli that they will ensure that all the commercial dealers, majority from the central region dully receive their cash.
But under their umbrella, Uganda Charcoal Dealers Association, charcoal business operators noted that the time they were given is not enough and asked for more time so that they can leave the area.
Abed Said Lumu, the Secretary of the association says have bought large pieces of forest land to turn it into charcoal and the new resolution will greatly affect them.

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