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Lacor, Gulu Hospital Run Out Of Space For Covid-19 Patients

Gulu Regional Referral Hospital where the baby was born three days ago before she was stolen from her parents' home.

Covid-19 treatment centers at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor and Gulu Regional Referral Hospital have run out of space, Mega Fm has learnt.

According to reports, Lacor has admitted to its full capacity of 24 patients while Gulu Regional referral hospital whose capacity is 10, has 12 patients -all in severe condition.

Dr Paska Apiyo, the In charge Covid-19 Treatment Unit Gulu Regional Referral Hospital said they are unable to admit many patients under home based care whose conditions have become severe.

Apiyo said that the districts in Acholi Sub region must improvise because their facility is full.

James Elima, the Director Gulu Regional Referral Hospital said there is need for districts to reactivate their taskforces at all levels to help monitor the over 400 patients under home based care.

William Onyai, the Gulu District Health educator and coronavirus Risk Communicator said the district is considering setting up a tent at Awach Health Centre IV to act as detention centre to handle some of the cases.

51 people have succumbed to Covid-19 in Acholi Sub region since March, 2020.

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